A Little About Me

I’m 31 years old and starting a blog about all that is geek culture and fandoms. I spent years feeling uncomfortable in my skin until I fully embraced that being odd is fun and I’m happy. Now, my goal in life is to embrace all the things I love most and help other like minded people find the things they love to do. From experiencing fandom conventions to discussing the latest Marvel movies.. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, you name it I will probably be covering it. If you’re following please tell me what you would love to have featured. Right now I am mostly excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 next week. Can’t wait to play it!

Value Drawing-Paper Bag

I really loved doing this assignment this week. I was struggling with everything the first few weeks and was becoming frustrated. I discovered charcoal and realized I can do this  just needed to spend more time on each drawing and needed to practice more! I am starting to feel confident and I’m starting to draw for fun again! hannifan_value

Perspective Drawing

Have you ever had the kind of day that just makes you laugh so you don’t cry? The last month has been a crazy whirlwind of dealing with hurricanes and power outages. So the last few days I have been working on this 3 point perspective drawing that was very detailed. I was so excited. Today I was finishing it up with some charcoal to bring out some details. I got up to go grab a snack and came back in to see my drawing now covered in a one year old’s scribbles with charcoal. There was no way to recover! So oh well, time for a new perspective I guess! I did a 3 book concept and really enjoyed it. This was a double lesson for me. Seeing things from different angles and how to make the best of a messy situation! hannifan_perspective

Drawing Again Feels Great!

I haven’t drawn in years. I can remember drawing for fun all of the time as a teenager. Now that I’m in my 30’s there just hasn’t been a lot of time. Taking a class that makes me draw made me realize I love it. Rough week this week with the flu so my hand was shakier than I would have loved for it to be but I still enjoyed the challenge! I need to work on my shading more and getting a steadier hand. I can’t wait to practice more and really learn some great technique! line drawing .png